Vachkazhets Rocks

majestic nature legacy

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you will ride

an off-road vehicle


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Cost per 1 person in a combined group.

tour duration

10 hours

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The Vachkazhets Rocks are situated 80 km away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and occupy the eastern slopes of the prolonged mountain as a part of the Yuzhno- Bystrinsky ridge. 


In ancient times the Vachkazhets was a huge active volcano, however in the result of catastrophic eruption it exploded into three enormous mountains. 


The Vachkazhets is a natural monument and contains a number of picturesque landscapes, a geological complex of sediments with rare minerals and the rests of ancient fauna hardly found in such kind of sediments.


At the bottom of the mountain you’ll see beautiful peaceful lakes with clear water. Take a hike up the mountain and enjoy a picturesque landscape of mountains and nearby volcanoes.


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