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Volcano Mutnovsky

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Kurile Lake (Kurilskoye)

The place where the nature is fascinating and recovering




tour duration


6 hours



lunch box


your guide speaks

Russian and English

Cost per 1 person in a combined group. Tour by helicopter.

Катер 4.jpg

Kamchatka is the peninsula of unrivalled beauty of nature, where one can observe volcanoes erupting nonstop, geysers steaming and ejecting hot boiling water and brown bears feeding themselves at arm’s end.

Lake Kurilskoye has recently become famous worldwide and currently is considered to be one of the most densely populated spots... and we mean brown bears! The lake is Kamchatka’s major spawning ground for red salmon, for that reason bears have taken fancy to it.

Kurilskoye Lake - bears dearest home

The helicopter tour to the Kurilskoye Lake includes three places to visit - first is the lake itself with the largest aggregation of Kamchatka brown bears available to be photographed and watched with awe from a very close distance. For safety reasons armed rangers escort tourists and the area around the lake is surrounded by the electric fence.

During the tour guide will tell you about the unique features of the lake and its inhabitants, you will have a boat trip across the lake and see bears busy with fishing and enjoying themselves as well as salmon hurrying to spawn no matter what.


Volcano Ksudach and Khodutka Hot springs

Later tourists will also land in the caldera of the ancient Ksudach volcano, after they will have lunch and relax in the third place - hot springs at the foot of Khodutka volcano.

*План маршрута на русском и анлийском языках