Mission of GlampStory

and what message we've got for you

GlampStory project appeared in the mountains where air is transparent and pristine water runs down green slopes, where nature is so wild that no one can imagine human’s presence. We cannot help thinking about the environment and recycling options.


Reserves and nature parks give us a real inspiration and we know a good number of private and public premises that treat the surroundings with respect and gratitude.

We believe that it is possible to improve the ecological situation and there are many ways to do it. We intend to make contributions to support ecology in the area we live and work. Today the attitude to the nature is an essential part of the formation of any society or individual.


In our GlampStory tents we use only eco-friendly products. We refused to utilize plastic and we make our best to recycle all the waste.


We genuinely hope that our example will encourage our guests, our fellow citizens and younger generations to start thinking what we are going leave after us.


If you already help nature or if you have some examples of green consumption, please share your ideas with us. Send your recommendations to our e-mail hello@glampstory.com and we will introduce the most interesting suggestions to our GlampStory project.


Would you like to join our team? We have opportunities for volunteers and for cooperation as well. Find the details here: