Valley of Geysers

listen to the Earth breathing

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tour duration


6 hours



lunch box


your guide speaks

Russian and English

Cost per 1 person in a combined group for a standard helicopter tour.

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The Valley of Geysers is definitely one of the most famous places to visit in Kamchatka. This is where you will see the flowing waters spill over the colourful slopes and terraces, listen to the sounds of Mother Nature and enjoy the scenery of the just born planet.


During this tour you will have two scenic helicopter stops in the Kronotsky State Reserve, which are the Valley of Geysers and Uzon Caldera, the third stop will be made in Nalychevo Nature Park to soak in wild hot springs.


Valley of Geysers - the 7th Wonder of Russia

During the walking tour in the Valley of Geysers you will enjoy the beautiful geysers and hot springs bursting out of the ground. Take a walk along the path and see boiling mud pots, rare plants and cute small lakes.


Uzon Caldera, an ancient mystery

A quick flight will take you to the Uzon Caldera, which seems a completely different planet! From the bird’s eye view you will spot many lakes of emerald, dark blue and turquoise colours, steaming areas, all in a huge volcanic caldera!


The perfect wild spa at Nalychevo Park

Take a rest on your third stop of the tour. The Nalychevo hot springs is where you will soak in wild basins of hot water and have you delicious lunch.

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